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Direct tv service Reviews

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  • Stay away

    Got an urgent message saying my bill was past due and service was due to be disconnected was leaving to go out of state due to illness in family so pick up the phone and paid the bill. Realized later I had already paid this bill called and was told I missed a payment 6 months prior to that ( not true) explained that was not so . Suddenly the person realized I was correct but no Superviser was available to help or allow my money to be refunded and no one could discuss the urgent phone message with me. One suggestion was for me to call my bank and ask them to hold the funds. Of course I was... More...
    bevsue's Picture   bevsue    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I have been a loyal direct tv fan for years. I recently moved thinking I can take my service with me but the only way was a pole in the middle if the yard. Not even positive about that. So unfortunately I had to cancel the service cause my land lord would not go for that. Can't blame them. I got a bill from direct tv for 156.64. They took it directly out of my checking account saying it is a cancellation fee. I had the service for over a year and no one said anything about a 2 yr contract. No one said when I called and had it cancelled I would have a cancel fee and it would come... More...
    Amoore2b's Picture   Amoore2b    0 Comments   Comments
  • They Lie

    I had heard so many horribe stories about direct tv and should have listened They will always find a way to not give you something they advertise. Did the refer the friend and had someone sign up with direct TV. Because the person i referred didnt use the correct service to activate their service, i didnt get the refer friend incentive. But they got another customer. Figures Should have listened to all the bad reviews before signing up with them. More...
    Upset65's Picture   Upset65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Direct tv review

    i just call direct tv talk to Flor i told her i needed a solution, am moving to an apt where is a lot cheaper then what am paying right now because i can afford it so i call her to tell her the new apt does not allow satelites and she told me the only thing she could do for me was give me information about the account but nothing else the decision was mine was either cancel or move to some place where they allow satelites is she crazy or what i either have to pay the cancellation fee or move to another location where they can let me have direct tv. I am not hhappy with the service i have... More...
    (Cable TV)
    gaby84's Picture   gaby84    1 Comments   Comments
  • poor service

    I had direct tv installed last March (9 months ago) and we have all the HD channels out more than working. I called several times and they blame the weather. Last time they said it was due to ice or snow and I could buy a heater and cover for it.. I do not plan to keep this any longer than my contract which is 15 more months. Today I am without any channels. We called and asked for someone to come out over a week ago and after several calls they finially said they could come January 3rd. Over 2 weeks from complaint. Do they give a credit? No because they say its not their fault. I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    deemn66's Picture   deemn66    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Retention

    I am a 15 year customer who would like to upgrade, however, I am NOT willing to pay more than a new customer to receive the upgrades. My equipment is old and outdated and I have never received an upgrade. With AT&T I get a new phone every 2 years to show customer loyalty. With Direct TV you get NOTHING! I called and spoke to a supervisor and they wanted to charge me $100.00. The monthly service is enough and I didn't ask for a discounted rate...just the free equipment and installation. Statistics show it costs much more to marketing to a new customer than keep an existing... More...
    cshows's Picture   cshows    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulant charges

    After starting my new account with direct, I was upset when my online bill came in at $89. It was agreed upon that it would be $37 for the first year. so I called in and I was supposed to send in a rebate, this I wasnt aware of so the lady apologized and said that she would handle the rebates for me plus give me an extra $10. I then received a bill for $69 one week later in the mail box. I called in once more and even talked to the supervisor who said the rebates were never put in and that I am fully liable for the $69, as if to threatin me.It may not be alot of money but why should I have... More...
    FamilyMan's Picture   FamilyMan    0 Comments   Comments
  • final price

    original story is too long to explain but basically, I ended up having to put our service into MY name due to them charging us almost $200.00 PER month (no HD channels or HD receivers,) we have 2 NON HD receivers total... one is a dvr with choice extra only. So, I setup everything and ask for the price (which they tell me is $47.99), which sounds good. However when i ask for the actual FINAL price for the first 3 months I get the run around... my order will not be shipped for another month, so I then send an email (which again i doubt anything will get resolved so.. i guess this whole... More...
    jking's Picture   jking    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad service

    First scam have the technician install the satilite bad so that he has to come back to reposition it and charge you for a service call. Second cancel anytime if unhappy means pay 400 dollars to end the no contract agreement Third will install in upto 4 room free but will charge you an inactive fee for each box not used Forth if you get future tvs expect to pay 176 per room to get lines run Would not recomend to anyone bad service. More...
    Badservice1's Picture   Badservice1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Directv help reviews

    If I can offer one piece of advice to anyone and if I could shout it from the roof top, I would say, "DO NOT GET DIRECT TV!!!" After a lighting strike hit my satellite dish and ruined 3 of my tvs!! Including my lcd tv I was determined to let them know.. Are they not only not responsible for any equipment damages or anything.. So, I let that go and when I was moving I called them to have my services transfer not only am I required to pay a TRANSFER FEE BUT THE FIRST MONTH LIKE A NEW CUSTOMER!! I was dumbfounded!! I told them I had enough of them.. Not only does my signal go out at... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Drtvsucks's Picture   Drtvsucks    0 Comments   Comments
  • They suck

    Being with them for almost two years after moving they could not install anything in the complex where I moved to. They r tell me that's not their responsiblity. Now they want to be paid for cancelation fee. That's not right. Even if i'm moving from here I will never do business with them ever and I am telling everyone who wants sign up with them, DON'T do it, u will regret it. Ps Sandra. Allentown pa. More...
    Lue1221's Picture   Lue1221    0 Comments   Comments


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